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Our farm is located at 338 Four Springs Road in Selbourne, on the eastern edge of the Meander Valley in Northern Tasmania. The area has a rich agricultural background and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

We grow as Nature intended, allowing the rich, fertile soils of Tasmania’s Meander Valley to work their spell on our seeds and seedlings. We simply nurture and sustain them along the way through natural and biological means. What we create together is nothing short of magic.

Our garlic and tomatoes are grown in our rich soil using organic and biological principles. We do not use pesticides or synthetic sprays. We concentrate on enriching our soil through organic and biological principles. Our choice of heirloom, rare and traditional cultivars and cool growing climate means we can grow full-flavoured, nutritious produce that is diverse and exciting.

Our People

Hi. We’re Annette and Nevil Reed. We discovered our small patch of paradise in the late 1980s, when out riding our horses along the quiet gravel road towards what has since become Four Springs Lake. Having both grown up on nearby farms, we were looking for our own place to get our hands dirty. 

We bought our 40ha bush block in 1987, cleared part of it and set to work producing beef cattle.

With a few false starts, a growing family and work off-farm, it took some time to eventually hit upon the enterprise that suited our family needs, the size of the property and the capacity of the soil.

In 2010, we grew a small, experimental crop of garlic and 1600 heirloom tomato plants, to produce seed for a Tasmanian seed distributor. What we learned in those first 12 months changed the course of our lives and set the scene for the tiny, sleepy farming district of Selbourne to become recognised by many a lover of tomatoes and garlic.
By 2014, we were both working full-time on the farm and our produce was being discovered by an appreciative public and some of the world’s most recognised chefs. 

Annette draws upon her diverse range of experiences and skills to help deliver the best produce and flavours to you, the customer. Her passion for the 300-plus varieties of heirloom tomatoes she has collected over the years, is only matched by her flamboyance and prowess in the kitchen.
She can tell you anything you would ever want to know about tomatoes and things you would never have guessed at.

Nevil, our Production Manager, works tirelessly around the farm to make sure that the garlic and tomatoes grow to their full potential. If he isn’t out on the tractor or tinkering in his shed with a new customised invention, he is passing on his skills or helping customers choose a variety of garlic suited to their needs, based upon his many years of experience.

Curry is our friendly red heeler dog, our gatekeeper and much needed distraction on the farm. (Everyone needs a mischief maker to keep them on their toes).
When she isn’t playing under our feet or chasing sparrows from the garden, she is hiding away in a shady spot, chewing on bones or stolen tomatoes.
Smokey is our new addition to the farm crew. He is our apprentice truffle dog.

The Smoked Garlic and Black Garlic from Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes was amazing 

[Matt Preston - Food critic and writer]

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Our Philosophy

Sought and admired by the world’s best chefs. Loved by everyone who appreciates quality and superior taste. At TNG&T our standards are high and our philosophy is simple: Don’t offer anything that we would not be delighted with ourselves. We devote many months of careful planning and preparation into delivering every one of our products through organic and biological means. We are proud to put our name to them and offer them to you. Enjoy!

Accolades & Awards


2020 Delicious Produce Awards - From the Earth: Heirloom Tomatoes 

2019 Delicious Produce Awards - From the Earth: Heirloom Tomatoes

2018 Hobart Fine Food Awards - Champion Herbs & Spices: Garlic Seasoning with Spiced Hazelnut

Gold: Garlic seasoning with Spiced Hazelnut

Gold: Original Garlic Seasoning 

2017 Australian Food Awards - Best in Class: Original Garlic Seasoning

2015 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards, Silver: Pickled Garlic


2018 Tasmanian Women in Agriculture Outstanding Contribution Award

2017 Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group Award for Agricultural Excellence

2014 Tasmanian Rural Women’s Award Winner

TNG&T, Tasmania

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Growing with a combination of organic and biological methods, we strongly believe in the importance of good soil health to give our products the best chance and to get the best from them.

TNG&T : 338 Four Springs Rd Selbourne, Tasmania 7292

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