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Sought and admired by the world’s best chefs, loved by everyone who appreciates quality and superior taste! At TNG&T our standards are high and our philosophy is simple, “don’t offer anything that we would not be delighted with ourselves!” We devote many months of careful planning and preparation into delivering every one of our products through organic and biological means. We are proud to put our name to them.
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Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomato (TNG&T) is a small family horticultural business, based in the heart of Northern Tasmania. Nestled on the north-eastern edge of the Meander Valley at an altitude of 175m, our fertile red soil is well suited to growing what many have described as “the best tomatoes and garlic in the world.”

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We are totally dedicated and specialise in garlic and tomatoes with taste!… It’s that simple!

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TNG&T and COVID-19
And the new garlic season for 2020 begins
It is alsways time to think tomatoes

New Online Markets

A New Garlic Season Begins!

It’s Always Time to Think Tomatoes

Like any crisis, the Covid19 pandemic has brought much grief, but has also opened new ways of thinking and new opportunities. While many doors have closed, “windows” have opened… 

Autumn is the time to start planting garlic. We have a range of garlic choices to suit your needs throughout the season…

With this 2020 Summer season winding up, tomato planting time is just around the corner…

The innovation and care Annette and Nevil share with their customers you just can’t teach. It comes https://puresouth.com.au and if Tasmania were filled with farms like theirs it would be an absolute paradise for all cooks who love great produce. Thank you for all your support with Garagistes. It helped shape the way we cooked

[Luke Burgess - Chef and owner Garagistes, Hobart, TAS]

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Find out what we are up to…

Come see us this morning at @harvest_launceston for your black perigord truffles!
We are BACK at Harvest Launceston tomorrow!  We will have a limited amount of fresh winter Tomatoes available, yes we still have fresh tomatoes.  We will have new season Black Truffles!  As well as the last of the seasons Garlic bulbs.  See you there!
How's the season been coming along for you? Did you get a great crop of garlic or are you losing some of it to mould? Are your tomato vines tall and bushy, but fruit slow to ripen? Or worse still, is there no fruit at all? Do you have beans or, like us, just flowers but nothing setting? You've seen some lovely photos of our produce and you may be one of those gardeners who are thinking, "What am I doing wrong?" The answer: probably nothing. The truth is, at TNG&T, we've had our worst year to date. You're seeing the good garlic that we've been able to dry successfully. You haven't seen the waste that was slow to mature then didn't survive the constant wet. You've seen the beautiful tomatoes that make it to market, to shops and restaurants. You haven't seen the plants that have been unable to withstand day after day of wildly fluctuating temperatures and record Summer rains.  We've had bad years before (eg. last year) - too hot, too cold or too wet. We've been able to mitigate against each of those issues to some degree. But when they all converge relentlessly, day after day, it can simply be too much.  Tomatoes are like humans. They like temperate, relatively stable conditions. At one point, we were soaring and diving between 35deg and 2deg, heavy rain and hail, all within a 24 hour period. The result of such relentless, erratic changes has been very stressed plants and endless blossom drop. Fruit that did set, has been often misshapen or had blossom end rot. Many of our plants have simply given up and died.  Now here we are, in what should be our peak, with very few tomatoes left and no new fruit coming on. We've ranted, we've raved, (I should say I have. Nevil's more philosophical than me). We've threatened to throw it all in, but ultimately, we've simply had to accept that it's not a good year for tomatoes.  The good news (and there's always a bright side) is that we may get a bit more of a rest this year, because unless we have a sudden and dramatic turnaround, the season looks like finishing up two months early.  Continued in comments ⬇️
See you at @harvest_launceston tomorrow morning!   #tomatoes #eggplant #chilli #capsicum #heirloomtomatoes
Come get them! @harvest_launceston   #heirloomtomatoes #tomato #ilovegardeningfrommyheadtomatoes  #northerntasmania #farmersmarket #juicy

TNG&T, Tasmania

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Growing with a combination of organic and biological methods, we strongly believe in the importance of good soil health to give our products the best chance and to get the best from them.

TNG&T : 338 Four Springs Rd Selbourne, Tasmania 7292


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